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Mini Steam Iron, Portable Travel Iron for Clothes Handheld for Dry & Wet Ironing

Mini Steam Iron, Portable Travel Iron for Clothes Handheld for Dry & Wet Ironing

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2-in-1 ironing experience, can do spray mist of traditional ironing machine type wet ironing experience, can also with its titanium large panel do dry irons, meet the demand of personalized needs.

The operation is simple and safe to use, after turning on the machine, turn on the spray to humidify the clothes.

After the clothes are wet, turn off the spray button to start ironing. Hand-held iron can save space, light weight, compact design, portable size, It can be easily put into suitcases and backpacks, and can be easily carried anywhere, great for travelling on holiday or business.

Exquisite flat ironing, clothes wrinkle removal, reproduce smooth and smooth Multi-dimensional restoration of clothing material sense, make clothing as beautiful as it first appeared.

Heated panel at constant temperature of 302℉, ceramic sheet heating, ironing does not hurt clothes, can be used on silk, plush, wool, cotton, linen, polyester, nylon and so on.

How to Use:

1.Ironing before you can press the water spraying button to spray some water mist against the clothing.

2. Then power on the Iron to wait 5 - 8 minutes for preheating.

3.Preheating is complete that you can iron clothing. Operation Steps of Hot Ironing Pattern: 1. Temperature: The temperature reaches 160°C 2. Time: Wait for 10 seconds 3. Usage: Dry ironing

4. Notes: The entire pattern needs to be ironed, including the edges of the pattern film. After ironing for 15 seconds, remove the outer film to complete the ironing of the pattern.

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